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Do you feel unsure about your finances? Do you have clarity on what happens if you are severely ill or met with a serious accident? What happens if you pass on, expectedly or unexpectedly? What are your major goals in life that you like to achieve? Are you on track to achieve your dreams?

If you have doubts about any of the above, you are not alone.

But that does not mean you don’t need to do anything about it. Do you agree that you do want to be on top of these things? You want to be in control, in the driving seat of your life.

However, you may not know how, or you struggle to find time to get these matters sorted out.

But everything starts with a desire. You got to ask yourself and decide, do you want to be financially healthy?

And that is why I am here, to empower you to take charge of your life.

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Can you begin to visualise what life will be like if you have absolute clarity on your financial status every step of the way?

I am here to help you achieve peace of mind by being your partner in your life’s financial journey.

If you believe I am trustworthy enough to work with you, I sincerely ask that you take the first step by reaching out to me via the WhatsApp button on the bottom right.

I would love to hear your story so that I can assist you in the areas that you need.

To get your financial health in order, there are always three areas we have to look at – Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation, and Wealth Distribution.

If you are unfamiliar with these terms, I would like to get a bit more technical so that you know what you need.

Wealth Protection

Protecting your wealth that you painstakingly accumulate from your hard work is the first thing you want to deal with in any wealth planning journey.

Life is unexpected, and we got to prepare ourselves as much as we reasonably can.

What happens if you are diagnosed with cancer or any critical illness?

What if you met with an accident that leaves you handicapped for life?

What if you are retrenched or lost your business which causes you to lose your income?

ElaineAisyah-Emergency Funds

Do you then have an emergency fund? Do you have wealth protection measures to shield your wealth from declining rapidly which sets you further away from your life goals?

How much and what type of protection do you currently have? Does what you currently have able to cover you sufficiently for the scenarios such as the ones above?

Wealth Accumulation

What are your dreams? How much money do you want to have for your retirement? How much are you setting aside for your children’s education? How often do you wish to travel to recharge yourself or just to see the world?

These are just a few of the many questions you have to ask yourself. And that is also something where most people are delaying asking themselves these questions.

Because it can be so daunting, don’t you think? You know it is important, yet you just can’t seems to get your act together and do something about it. It is a phenomenon. But you are not alone. We can safely make an assumption that 95% of the world’s population do not have a clear grasp on their life or their finances.

That doesn’t mean you should be happy about it and follow the masses.

Decide what you really want in life, and have a plan to accumulate the money you need to achieve the various things in life that you want!

ElaineAisyah-Decide what you really want in life

And you don’t have to do it alone. I can work with you to help you gain clarity in your life goals and guide you to take the necessary actions. Or you can choose someone else you can trust.

The important thing is you must have a desire, the discipline, and the will to take actions.

What is one small step you can do right now to gain momentum on getting your life and finances into a better state?

You can do it yourself if you know how, but if not, reach out to someone you can trust and start a conversation that you WANT a better life.

Wealth Distribution

We will all leave this world one day, be it a sudden one or not. What happens to all your assets when you go? Who do you want to give it to?

With everything you have accumulated throughout your life, you don’t want to just leave things hanging for your loved ones to wonder who should get what.

We all want to go in peace, and the last thing we don’t want to see is infighting between your loved ones over your assets, no matter how big or small they may be.

And we also do not want to cause a hassle for your loved ones to go through all the lengthy estate administration especially if you didn’t have a will or wasiat to facilitate the smooth execution of your last wishes.

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We do need to be responsible and plan for our loved ones when we are gone eventually.

Your last will is your last responsibility, but don’t make it the last thing to do. Because life is fragile, we never fully know what is going to happen to us from one moment to the next.

If you like me to partner with you to get your financial health in order, you can reach out to me via the WhatsApp button on the bottom right. Or if you prefer me to contact you, you can click on the button below and leave a note, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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