Elaine Aisyah - At the park with towering trees
Elaine Aisyah - At the beach with luggage
Elaine Aisyah – At the park with towering trees
Elaine Aisyah – At the beach with luggage

My Story

Elaine is a passionate and seasoned financial consultant. She is well respected in financial advisory providing holistic financial solutions, with a diverse clientele spanning from professionals, retail, and corporate clients to celebrities.

Since 2018, she has served within the financial industry, covering an integrated suite of services from investment, risk management, estate planning & corporate solutions.

At the heart of her life purpose rests an authentic calling to help clients in managing & refining their financial state to greater heights – Covering the 3 phases of life; Living, Devitalised & After-Life.

She believes a sound financial solution must be personalized, as each individual & organization has distinct monetary goals & desires.

As a CFPCERT TM practitioner certified by Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM), Islamic Financial Planner (Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia), and AEPP® by The Associate Estate Planning Practitioner, she is deeply passionate about ensuring each piece of advice & solution given is customer-oriented to match her client’s needs.

Elaine Aisyah

Empowering You

Do you feel unsure about your finances? Do you have clarity on what happens if you are severely ill or met with a serious accident? What happens if you pass on, expectedly or unexpectedly? What are your major goals in life that you like to achieve? Are you on track to achieve your dreams?

If you have doubts about any of the above, you are not alone.

But that does not mean you don’t need to do anything about it. Do you agree that you do want to be on top of these things? You want to be in control, in the driving seat of your life.

I am here to help you achieve peace of mind by being your partner in your life’s financial journey.


Here’s the feedback from my clients.

  • positive review  professional, friendly, helpful,

    Vannah Koo Avatar Vannah Koo
    April 15, 2023

    positive review  She the most helpful investment agent I have ever dealt with. She is honest and up front with everything. She actively look for the best rates and coverage and are always looking out for the customer. Definitely a person who cares for the customer.

    Sha Sanya Avatar Sha Sanya
    April 13, 2023

    positive review  Elaine is a very passionate, thoughtful, understanding, and trustworthy person. I've known her since 20 years ago and I am happy that she's on this path to help me and also others in need. ?

    سيتي زهريه Avatar سيتي زهريه
    April 12, 2023
  • positive review  Wonderful experience was all the help I got from Kak Elaine. A very thoughtful and helpful person. I highly recommend her service regarding life insurance. Very welcoming and make you feel comfortable

    Nurin Qistina Avatar Nurin Qistina
    April 11, 2023

    positive review  Elaine is an exceptional CFP Professional who is committed to ensuring her clients achieve their financial objectives. She consistently demonstrates her dedication and strong work ethic by going above and beyond in her efforts to provide the best possible service. Elaine's unwavering focus on her clients' needs has earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable advisor.

    Ong Ching Hong Avatar Ong Ching Hong
    April 11, 2023

    positive review  I've always been looking for the right advisor for my wasiat/hibah. Saw Elaine Aisyah's sharing and postings on all these have answered so many of my questions. I have been a big fan of her work, dedication and determination in sharing the knowledge and the need of one to prep oneself with wasiat, hibah or estate planning....for the loved ones. Knowing all these, I know I am well-advised and equipped with all the info I need. Thanks Elaine. You're second-to-none!

    Wan Nuzul-Azlan Avatar Wan Nuzul-Azlan
    April 6, 2023

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