One of my favourite book. Reading it really energises me and helps me keep the momentum moving forward progressively!


ENERGIZE – Make the Most of Every Moment, By SIMON ALEXANDER ONG

Your Energy is Everything: It is the FUEL that dives your SUCCESS, and it gives you the power to ACHIEVE your potential. How can you be at your best if you are always tired, stressed and burnt out?

Parts : Awaken your Power

  • Invest in your health
  • Elevate your consciousness
  • Focus on what matters the most

Parts : Rewire Your Energetic State

  • Break Free Energy BLOCKS
  • Turn OBSTACLES into Source of Energy
  • Make MOMENTUM your friend

Parts : Protect your Personal Energy

  • Manage your ENERGY, Not your Time
  • Electrify your ENVIRONMENT
  • Get MONEY to work for you

Parts : Supercharge Your Impact

  • Keep Your Creative Energy Alive
  • Live a Life of Meaning
  • Really love this book! Reading this book energises me and reminds me lots of tips to stay focus during a workshop 2 years ago. Well, before I return this book to the library, I want to jot down My key “Ah Haaa” from this book :
  1. We can awaken our power via a healthier lifestyle and a deeper understanding about ourselves.
  2. Never Stop Learning. No matter how young or old every individual, or at any phase of life. The process of learning keeps a person on going ideas, knowledge and experience. Always be curious and “hungry” for knowledge
  3. Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail. I’ve heard this phrase many times. However, I realised that still, including myself, many have lots of ideas but no plans to execute the ideas. So, when there is no plan and no execution, all ideas remain as an idea with no results. Ability to reflect, make plans and then follow through consistently on them will become one of the greatest skills.
  4. The most powerful dialogue one can have is the one that happens within oneself everyday. The quality of our energy is directly linked to the conversations we have with ourselves. I am my own Placebo! Among some key affirmations to practise :
  5. My life is just getting started
  6. I am a money magnet
  7. I have natural flow of energy that will lead me to the answers I seek
  8. I am an energetic force of nature and anything is possible for me
  9. Life is happening for me
  10. Allah loves me and there’s always plan for me for a good reason
  11. Energy Switch. I recall the energy level during the pandemic, lock down months. Initially, the level of negative energy was “thick” and I practically wasn’t able to do anything at all! However, when the energy was switched finally from negative to positive, so much that I and my team managed to achieved, one of the major one was online talk almost everyday and the results was we had more than 30 new members join our team with business affiliation!
  • Winners don’t blame. Winners take responsibility.
  • Winners don’t give up. Winners come back stronger
  • Winners don’t complain. Winners take control.
  • Don’t let failure define you, instead, let it act as rocket fuel towards unleashing your genius and extraordinary.
  • Manage my Energy, not my time. Be my own CEO (Chief Energy Officer). This is an amazing and extraordinary vision ! One of the tips I like is to identify then make use of the period of the day where my energy is at its highest. The level of energy first thing in the morning, for example will be different after lunch or wards the evening.
  • Build relationship with money. We build relationship with many things/ person. So, same thing goes with money. If we love money, then build relationship with money. Think of money and be a money magnet : ) Anxiety comes from the lack of financial security which can drain up a person’s energy. So, when we are able to master the flow of money, we will be able to be more focus and sleep better at night.
  • Getting rich and staying rich are 2 different matters. Financial wealth is less about how much we earn and more about how much we get to keep after paying for everything that we have to spend.
  • Focus on what is within the control and avoid draining ourselves with things and problems which are beyond our control. Focus on what matters and stay focus
  • Last but not least, We can have a choice of what we want to live a life, either do nothing and continue with how things are, hoping that life will get better, OR, do something about it and surprise yourself by demonstrating what’s possible when you ignite that energetic life force inside you.


Upgrade your mental game.

Silence the inner critic so that you may listen to the guide within.

Speak to yourself in the same way you would to someone you care about.

Become the HERO of your story. Fight for what matters.

Turn obstacles into OPPORTUNITIES.

Remind myself of just how far I’ve came along.

Focus my ENERGY on that which I can control.

Adapt to SURVIVE, INNOVATE and THRIVE. Learn from my Failure; see them as stepping stones to success.  1


Focus on Progress over Perfection and Consistency over Intensity.

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